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The Columbus city flag encompasses ties to both the history of Christopher Columbus (after which the city is named) and Ohio’s admission to the Union as the 17th state.

First off, you’ll notice the vertical blocks of colors: chrome yellow, white and scarlet red. The yellow and red blocks are in homage to the Spanish flag. The white block only serves to make the contents more visible.Inside this white block is an eagle clutching a shield with 13 stripes that undoubtedly represents the original 13 colonies of the US. Inside this shield is a gold circle with a ship whose sail bears the Christian symbol and mast pennant that bears Spanish colors. This is Christopher Columbus’ ship called the Santa Maria. Spain was a Christian country at the time of Columbus’ voyage to the New World, which will explain the sail.

Above the eagle is the Ohio Statehouse that is located downtown Columbus. The Statehouse is flying an American flag, but in some versions of the flag will sport an Ohio flag.If you notice around the outside of the circle there are leaves around the bottom and stars around the top. The leaves are buckeye leaves from the state tree – the buckeye tree. The stars around the top number 16. Since Ohio was deemed the 17th state admitted to the Union, the eagle is protecting the 17th star to represent Ohio.

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