About Us

First and foremost, City Capz is a company that makes cool hats. We aim to promote a newfound pride in one's city. It all started in Chicago...

There was a cool looking symbol prominently displayed on Chicago police uniforms and police cars that peaked our interest. Turns out it was a flag - the city flag - and we felt it looked nice. Nice enough to put on a quality hat so the people of Chicago or the people who like Chicago could wear a quality design and at the same time represent their city. Check out our City Section to read more about the Chicago flag. Upon further research, it was brought to light that over 150 US cities have their own flag - and so the idea was born. We want to help people create a sense of pride by allowing you to wear your city around in style. Our site also provides some background information on both the flag and the city to help you spread your city's story when people stop you on the street and ask about your hat from City Capz.

As you read this, you may be thinking "I wonder what my city flag looks like?". Well, City Capz will be coming to a city near you! If we do not carry your city as of yet, please send us a message here and let us know. We will be happy to help you and your fellow urbanites create a product that will make both you and us proud. Please keep in mind some cities have a copyright restriction. If you inquire, we will add your city to our list along with an indication as to the flag's copyright restrictions. We will do our best to work with the local offices to be able to bring your flag to market and turn it into a City Cap!